About Us

The Next Level Coaching is a California-based professional coaching company founded more than a decade ago by TJ Watkins and Kathy Cook. The company specializes in using the body transformation process — for both aesthetic and health reasons — as a vehicle for self-discovery that enables clients to make responsible choices.

TJ Watkins

TJ’s passion is facilitating the self-discovery process through mind-body transformations wherein individuals achieve unimagined goals. His philosophy links physical transformation to understanding the mental and spiritual patterns and processes revealed by resistance training.

His client list includes world-class physique athletes, Olympic sailors, Mount Everest elite hikers, business owners, corporate executives, high-ranking politicians, attorneys, doctors, and stay-at-home moms.

TJ is a world-class bodybuilder, published author, philanthropist, sought-after mind coach, member on a prestigious California state board, and father to his French bulldog, Bunny and his Chihuahua, Noodle.


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