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Courses designed for professional women who have spent a lifetime judging their bodies, and in the process lost sight of their essential innate value and beauty. The result is a cascade effect of troubled personal relationships, diseased bodies and minds, and a deep spiritual crisis.


Our goal is to help you uncover your innate value, wholeness, and completeness in a practical way.


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What you'll get:  Immediate access to the online program valued at $2,995.00 Complete training on the Anchor...

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"I began training with TJ seven years ago while trying to balance a legal career and an athletic career. With TJ's coaching, I got back into top physical and mental shape. I went on to excel in the legal world and made the USA sailing team for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games."

Katie Pettibone


"I was well-educated, an artist, a corporate leader and an accomplished student in the school of dressage, until I suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) after a horse accident. After going through all the steps of learning to walk, talk, eat and just function independently, I needed an expert to continue making progress. A different kind of trainer was recommended by trusted friends; that’s when I met TJ Watkins. Before working with TJ I saw myself as “broken” but five years later I have an athlete’s body, am a published author and motivational speaker and enjoy dog agility training and crafting paper flowers. I am no longer on a recovery journey to rebuild my body and my brain. I am just on a journey of self-exploration."

Kathleen Bartl


"Before I met TJ, I believed I was a victim of my circumstances. I was grief-stricken, depressed, suicidal, anxious, and overweight with no clue as to who I was anymore. I believed I would never be able to function in society again. I was surviving on numerous prescribed antipsychotic drugs that resulted in my spending the majority of my days in bed, curled up in a fetal position wanting to die. TJ helped me take responsibility for my life by no longer fueling old conditioned patterns and sitting through my negative emotions. During the process I learned that those negative emotions would not kill me, but provide powerful insight for change. Today, I am a living example of what is possible when you take responsibility for your own life and you walk through life in an exploratory mode, leaving the victim pattern behind."

Jodie Martinez


"At the beginning of my awakening, I was buried. I lost my father, ended a 9-year marriage and was responsible for a 4-year-old and an 11-month-old. This compelled me to get professional coaching and I was introduced to TJ. During this self-discovery process I became aware of my subconscious mind patterns like perfectionism, control and a general sense of not-enoughness. Today I am a proud Filipino career woman; I’ve transformed my body and health; I am raising two amazing daughters and keep designing my life around my passions."

Marie Eustaquio


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